what is a commercial kitchen design

When we hear about commercial kitchen design, suddenly things like grills, fryers, ranges, and maybe a frantic comes in our mind. That may be right, but a real commercial kitchen is much different than just the equipment or personal found it. A good commercial kitchen includes certain components and industrial kitchen equipment arranged in a specific pattern to enhance the performance and efficiency. These components and equipments are

· Storage

· Washing/cleaning

· Food preparation

· Meal cooking/baking

· Service


This section of a commercial kitchen comprises drying racks, sinks, and ware washing machines. This section is first because without cleaning dishes no food can be served.


Storage section comprise of non-food storage, dry storage, and cold storage. Non-food storage is sued to stores things like dishes, and disposable products. Cold storage is where food that needs to be refrigerated. And dry storage stores all nonperishable’s products.

Food preparation

This section consist of place where the food is prepared, where it is mixed, where it is washed and other steps.

Meal cooking

This area has equipments like ovens, exhaust hoods, fryers, and ranges. Food is cooked here.


This is the final section, your serving staff will picked up prepared dishes to serve it to customers.

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